Web Analytics Tool for Busy Founders

Stop Paying Every Month for Analytics Tool. 

Pay Once, Use Forever.

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60% Discount For Early Adopters

$197 $499

Pay once, use forever.

How It All Started


Web Analytics for Busy Founders in 2024.

  • One-time deal

    Pay once and use CountVisits forever.
  • No stress dashboard building

    Zero coding required! Easily build your dashboard.
  • Easily tweak its look and settings

    Customize CountVisits to fit your needs.
  • Full control over public dashboard

    Great for #buildinpublic.
  • Cookie-free (no GDPR issues)

    CountVisits is fully compliant with GDPR.
  • Ready for @unicornplatform

    CountVisits is fully integrated with Unicorn Platform.
  • Displays charts from various sources

    Visualize your data from different sources in one place.
  • Tracks custom events easily

    Track and analyze custom events with ease.
  • Daily reports/alerts directly to discord etc

    Get daily updates and alerts directly to your preferred platform.
  • Auto-alerts for traffic shifts

    Stay informed about any significant changes in your traffic.
  • Counts clicks on external links

    Keep track of all clicks on external links.
  • Performance checks and alerts

    Regular performance checks and alerts to keep your site running smoothly.
  • Lighthouse reports

    Get comprehensive Lighthouse reports for your site.
  • AI Agent

    Think of it as your employee from analytics department

  • Unlimited Websites

    Count Visits on all your websites. (*fair usage policy applies).

Frequently Asked Questions

60% Discount For Early Adopters

$197 $499

Pay once, use forever.

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